04/06/10 - Sephardic Gefilte Fish

You may be fond of gefilte fish from a jar, but we find that concoction a bit too sweet and flavorless. Instead, we make our own Sephardic gefilte fish using ling cod or halibut. For more info and our recipe, take a look at our special report.

Great boiling gefilte fish! - See the recipe.

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Cheese Souffle

06/19/06 - Cheese Comes to Clallam

We tried out a couple of Mount Townsend Creamery's cheeses. They've been using milk from Dungeness Valley Creamery's Jersey cows to make their cheeses, and we've finally tasted them, straight up, and in a souffle. For Kaleberg rankings and the recipe, read our special report.

Mount Townsend Creamery

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04/24/06 - A Kaleberg Russian Easter

Every year Russian Easter comes to the Kaleberg household, and that means butter, and more butter, and even more butter. That's right, Russian Easter means butter, and fish eggs, and buckwheat pancakes and a sink full of champagne. Every year we make buckwheat pancakes, blini, and we make our own pork sausage with carroway seeds, and we drink quarts of champagne.

This year, we wanted to try something different, so we broke open our Kaleberg Russian Kookbook [sic] and found a few more authentic Russian recipes. To find out more, check out this Kaleberg special report.

The Defense of Moscow
Enemies of the Czar
Trotsky's Bane

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Fruitcake Up Close

12/23/05 - Fruitcake Is Illuminated - A Special Report

Wow, have we been busy. It is definitely time for an update. What have we been doing? Well, we illuminated our fruitcake. Read our special report for more on this. That's just a close up on the right.

We've also been decorating the cookie tree. We have some pictures of last year's cookie tree here.

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09/20/05 - Extreme New York

New York City may be a summer festival, but we Kalebergs tend to melt in the sun. The summer is not our season, but thanks to our high tech Cool Vests, and despite the collapse of the St. Regis Hotel, we managed a great trip and found a great new restaurant, Esca, walked everywhere, and enjoyed two great museum exhibits. We also tried some barhi dates (see below). To find out more, read The Kaleberg Report.

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Too Many Oysters?

11/23/04 - Too Many Oysters?

Is it possible to have too many oysters? Kaleberg Labs tries to find out. Read our special report.

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