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07/26 - Klahane Ridge Again

We climbed Klahane Ridge again, once again rising early and getting to the trailhead while the shadows were still long and the day still cool. We made it to the ridge, and then headed on to the kick-in-the-ass. That's what one energetic hiker called the section of the trail down to Lake Angeles that actually takes one high along the ridge into a series of alpine gardens with fantastic views north and south.

On our way back, someone mentioned seeing mountain goats. We had missed them. As we neared the ridge junction, there was a patch of snow in the bowl to the north. There they were, an entire herd of goats. We had noticed the patch of snow and what appeared to be rough patches where the snow had piled up. Those were the goats! This time we paid attention, and there they were.

Early morning shadows

Early morning view

More morning light

A section of trail

Cow parsnip and larkspur (or perhaps lupines)

The goats in the distance

A closeup for the goats

Wandering goats

Morning light and shadow

Another fine view

One of the alpine garden "rooms"

More alpine gardens

Still some melting snow

Another garden scene

Yet another

And another - This is one of our favorite parts of the hike when we have the strength to get there.

Still shadows on our way down

Descending trail

Another view of the trail

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07/22 - Farmer's Market Crespiou

We haven't been covering the Port Angeles Farmers' Market lately, but we have been shopping there just about every Saturday morning. Summer is here, and the produce has been coming in. That includes Johnston Farm hothouse tomatoes, potatoes from The Family Farm, turnips from River Run and other good things from Nash Huber's. There are also a few other farm stands open, including Wild Edge which has the most amazing scallions. We love them grilled.

With all this wonderful produce coming in, we had to make a crespiou, a French stacked omelet where each layer features a few ingredients. We only made four layers; the details are with the photos. We also got some zucchini blossoms and fried them in searing hot olive oil. All told, it was a real farmers' market treat.

Duck and chicken eggs and lots of berries, but we don't remember the name of the farm

Wild Edge

Zucchini and summer squash

Layer 1 - potatoes and onions

Layer 2 - zucchini and fresh marjoram

Layer 3 - string beans with garlic and pine nuts

Layer 4 - parsley and basil

Zucchini blossoms in olive oil

Light and crisp

The finished crespiou, garnished with tomato

A single slice

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07/20 - Farther Along The Elwha

The park service has put in another pair of temporary bridges along Olympic Hot Springs Road, so we took an easy walk all the way up to the Altair bridge. The road is still closed to cars from Madison Falls on, but accessible by foot or bicycle. We crossed the first temporary bridge at the north end of the old campground and continued. The road had been destroyed by the river, and it is still pretty beaten up. The park service has scraped and smoothed it, but clearly doesn't trust it.

We made our way to the next new tributary of the Elwha, where the river had carved a pair of passages across the roadway. There were now a pair of bridges in place. We continued on and were soon at the ranger station and construction facility across the way. We continued past the turn off for Whiskey Bend Road and on to the bridge right before the old Altair campground.

That was far enough for us. We were just out exploring. It is going to be some time before this area is open to public vehicular traffic. Supposedly, the park service is evaluating an alternate route around the new branch of the Elwha. For now, the temporary bridges let the park service keep up trail maintenance and make it easier for visitors to walk in. Unfortunately, they'll be gone this winter. The Elwha is a wild river now, and no one wants to lose those temporary spans to the winter flood.

Along the road the river has claimed

The new temporary bridge

Still the old wild forest

A view from the Altair bridge

Another view from the Altair bridge

A view from the temporary bridge

A view from the road

Another view from the road

One of our favorite views, and not very far from the parking lot

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07/18 - Lake Angeles

To our own surprise, we made it up to Lake Angeles on our first try. Usually, this is our training hike. We make it first to the stream, maybe 720 feet, then up to 1000 or 1500, and then, maybe, we make it to the lake, a climb of over 2400 feet. This year, getting to the trailhead has been a problem with twenty minute road construction delays, each way.

We did it anyway. We started early to avoid the backup at the park entry gate just after the trailhead turnoff. Then we climbed, and climbed and climbed. It's a beautiful trail and a good hard work out. It passes through shaded forest with limited undergrowth, but now and then the light cuts through and highlights something wonderful.

The lake was as we remembered it, placid in its bowl of high stone walls. It was too cool to contemplate swimming, so we admired the lake, its island and the setting while we rested. We had made it all the way up to the lake, and on our first try of the season.

The lake in its bowl of mountains


Shooting stars

The trail

A trillium


Pacific dogwood

The stream

We're not sure what these are, but they're pretty.

Another view of the lake

A tempting view of the lake

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07/16 - Obstruction Point Road - Early Light

We've been getting up early to avoid the summer traffic to Hurricane Ridge. We drove out to Obstruction Point, and the early morning light gave everything an amazing glow with the bright colors set off by deep shadows. These pictures barely capture it.

Morning light

A hare

A butterfly

The trail

Distant mountains

Less distant mountains

A lake below

More mountains

More morning light and melting snow

The trail


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07/12 - Escape to the Cascades

With so many roads under construction or closed in Olympic National Park, we Kalebergs decided to visit another national park for a change of pace. Surely, there are, somewhere, national park trails unobstructed by road work or washouts.

We set our sights on the Cascade Pass Trail in the North Cascades National Park. We did our due diligence. The road was open. The trail was open. We drove east. We made our way to Marblemount where the trail access road begins and, with high hopes, continued past the chip sealed lanes and through a stretch of slippery soft mud before the twisty climb to the trailhead.

The picture gives away the punchline. The road was closed 3-4 miles before the trailhead. It had washed out the day before.

Cascade Pass Trail starts 3 to 4 miles from hear.

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07/08 - Klahane Ridge - Flowers

It's still early in the season on Klahane Ridge. The lupines are back. The phlox is passing. Here are some pictures.

Western wallflower


Not sure, but it's pretty neat

This is likely a chipping sparrow.


Toad lily or chocolate lily, take your pick.


Shooting stars

Bog orchid and friends

Just a bog orchid

Cow parsnip, ox parsley?

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07/07 - Klahane Ridge

We made it up to Klahane Ridge via the Switchback Trail. As usual, it was hard work and breathtakingly beautiful. The hillside snow has melted, and the flowers are coming into bloom. It was an amazing hike with amazing views. Despite the road work, we've been getting up to the high country.

At 1000 feet above the trailhead the mountains are level with Sunrise Point.

A view from the ridge

Snow on the north face, not where we hiked

Clouds pouring into the bowl below

More clouds

Rocky outcrops

Lush green along the trail

Another dramatic view

Another piece of the trail

The stream below, quite full

A view up to the ridge

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