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02/24 - Beaver on Dungeness Dike

We saw a beaver on Dungeness Dike the other day. It's the first beaver we've seen on the peninsula, though we've heard that they are around. It was probably checking out all the engineering work being done on the dike.

Along the dike

A computer enhanced - isn't everything nowadays? - image of the beaver

True to life, backlit like everything else

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02/18 - Elwha to Altair - Signs of Spring

We took a walk from the Elwha parking lot at Madison Falls and kept our eyes open for signs of spring. As it turned out, it wasn't our eyes that noticed the first hint, it was our nose. Between the ranger station and the Altair bridge, we picked up a faint whiff of sulfur like a leaky sewage pipe. In March, that could only mean one thing, skunk cabbage! (To be honest, it could have been a leaky sewage pipe, but come on.)

The forest

More green woods

A cluster of logs washed ashore and now blocking our usual path down to the river

The Elwha

More green

The Elwha from the Altair bridge

Skunk cabbage

and more skunk cabbage

Snowdrops, also a sign of spring

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02/16 - Flight to Seattle

We had to take a quick flight into Seattle, so we took some pictures of our flight. We flew with Rite Brothers. They offer scenic flights with great views of the Puget Sound, the Olympic Mountains and distant volcanoes. We just flew a charter into Boeing Field, but we got the scenery anyway.

Mountains and clouds

Mount Baker

The Olympic Mountains

Mount Rainier

One of the great mountains

More mountains and clouds

Our local mountains again

Hood Canal


Flowers in bloom in Seattle

Seattle again

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02/14 - Starwich Cookies

These are our favorite cookies. That's an almond pastry with a raspberry preserve filling. We missed them for Christmas, but there was no way we were getting through the winter without them. (The recipe)

Starwich cookies

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