How to Make Yourself a Hiking Stick Pack

One of us Kalebergs frequently found herself without pockets on the hiking trail. She was loath to carry a pack, but never went out without her trusty pair of Leki walking sticks. How could she carry her car keys, sun glasses, kleenex and the like?

The solution: a little hiking stick pack, as shown in the pictures on this page.

Just find a little pack, perhaps 6 inches by 4 inches or so. Look for one with a pair of velcro straps as shown in the picture above. This one was from Olympic Mountaineering in Port Angeles, the gateway to Olympic National Park.

Then, get to a Radio Shack, or order online, and buy yourself:

  • Multicolor Wire Wraps - item 278-1676
  • Nylon Wire Ties - item 278-1652A

Loosely attach the wire ties around your hiking stick, up towards the handle. Loosely wrap the wire wraps around them as shown above. You may want to cut them short or wrap them around twice. Then, using the velcro loops of the pack, attach the pack to these wire wraps.

Now, all you have to do is adjust the position of the pack and tighten the wire ties.