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03/28 - Elwha Update

We drove up the winding road behind the Elwha Ranger Station to Whiskey Bend. The road is in as good shape as ever given that it is a narrow, winding, unpaved road. The first thing we noticed at the trailhead were the new kiosks telling a bit more about the trail. There were also a couple of young deer who had survived the winter and were now stuffing it in. The trail itself was beautiful and seemed to be a bit more open, if only because the deciduous trees were still without leaves. The streams were full of water now that the snow has melted. We didn't get quite as far as we had hoped, so we'll have to come back soon and try again.

We never get tired of this view.

The new kiosks

The trail to summer

Two survivors

A fork in the trail

One of the little streams

Our leaf friends were here

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03/27 - Gabriel's Rabbit Pates

We were recently asked to do some beta testing by the chef at the Alder Wood Bistro. Gabriel, having recently returned from Spain, had been experimenting with cooking rabbit and making pates. He had made two versions, one a rough country pate, the other more traditional. We gave them both a try. The country pate, with its heartier flavor and coarser texture was our favorite, but we had nothing against the smoother and slightly more delicate version. Which one will be showing up on the menu? We can't say. They're still both in beta.

The country pate, above, and the city pate, below

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03/26 - Another Sign of Spring, We Hope

We'll admit it. We're getting pretty hard up for signs of spring around here, so this salamander picture taken on the Spruce Railroad Trail is going to have to do. Yes, we know that we post an awful lot of pictures of these little fellows, but they are only found on the Olympic Peninsula and they are pretty neat. Watch out, we might get a salamander-cam and offer live coverage. Or, better yet, spring might come.

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03/22 - QuilBay Oysters

There's a new stand at the Port Angeles Farmers' Market. The folks from the QuilBay Oyster Company have been selling good looking oysters and clams. They're in the shell, so you have to shuck or steam your own, but they are the second seafood sellers at the market, after Tuna Dan who has been selling halibut, steelhead and salmon right across the aisle.

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03/13 - Barnes Creek Update - It's Still Winter

It is still winter on Barnes Creek. We took the trail down a ways, and it was less wintry than last time, but still wintry. On the other hand, there was wonderful light. The trail along Barnes Creek passes through some almost magical rain forest. The sun seemed to have a particular tone that brought out the rich greens and browns of the trees, ferns and salal.

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Apple sure makes tough computers.

03/11 - Seen Along Route 112

There used to be a trailer on this platform visible from route 112 out towards Joyce. The trailer has been gone for a few years. It was destroyed either by a windstorm or perhaps the county. In any event, this little Mac has outlived its home. It has been sitting along the roadside for nearly two years now. We figured that we should get a picture of it before the platform crumbles underneath it.

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03/11 - Late Winter On The Spruce Railroad Trail

It was wintry this morning on the Spruce Railroad Trail along the north shore of Lake Crescent. On the way out, the trail was crunchy and covered with ice crystals, but otherwise quite passable. There was some melting in the heat of the day, such as it was. The trail was a bit muddy on the way back.

Even better, there were some great icicles as you can see in two of these pictures. There was an amazing set dangling from a tree branch down towards the lake and another set on one of the logs over a stream. The trail might have been cold, but again, it did not disappoint.

Icicles down by the lake

Icicles over a stream

Not much snow on the trail

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03/08 - Seen At the Port Angeles Farmers' Market

We love the vegetables at the Port Angeles Farmers' Market. We're still in the winter, but, hey, they have cauliflower, and are supposed to be having more over the next few weeks.

Hey, cauliflower

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03/06 - Second Beach Update

We were back at Second Beach the other day. There weren't exactly signs of spring, but winter seems to be receding. To start with, there was a lot more sand around the entrance to the sea cave. There are still a lot of rocks, but the summer sand is coming in. Also, there were lots of starfish, hanging out on one of the rocks for the low tide.

As we said, not quite spring, but things are changing.

There was more sand around the entrance to the sea cave.

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03/03 - First Salamander of the Season

Salamander season has officially stared out at Lake Crescent. We stepped over this little fellow towards the east end of the Spruce Railroad Trail.

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03/02 - Good To Go

Good To Go, on the corner of Lauridsen Boulevard and Eunice Street, is now open under new management. That's Erich below, the head baker at the now closed The Little Oven. This is great news for us. Good To Go is extremely convenient, and Erich says that they are moving ahead with installing an oven, and hopes to be baking again soon. Among other things, they are selling Dungeness Valley Creamery milk. We'll keep you posted.

The obligatory storefront shot

Erich open for business

The shelves are stocked.

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03/01 - Snow At Dungeness Spit

We were out at Dungeness Spit the other day and couldn't help notice that the beach was sandy. Usually, in the winter, the sand gets washed out, and we have to walk on piles of rocks and pebbles which can get tiring very quickly. There's lots of sand there now, and also some snow. The snow is only in some shaded areas, largely the shaded northern faces of the bluffs. We've got a more good hiking days for the spit on March 2nd, 3rd and 4th, then some more good tides around the 11th. Check the tide report on the bar to the left or our Dungeness tides page.

There is sand on the beach. That makes for easier hiking. It's about 4 1/2 miles from the base of the spit to the lighthouse.

The bluffs (and mountains) with some snow

The spit with some snow

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