Hair Safari

or The Wild World of Hair


Skull Island, near Tavu Tavu, South Pacific

3 February 1993

Vogue article mentioned possibility of frog alert. Repellent does not seem effective. A/C does not drown out the croaking. Inland guide suggested use of hair combs. Purchased these at the Tavu Tavu Hyatt gift shop.



Baja California

23 May 1993

Delightful four wheel drive to see Wright's wretched boobies during terenniel breeding. Stopped by patrol. Permits in order - "Sus papeles, muy bien" But "caballera" (female cowboy?) was a problem. Resolved by ex-Mary Kay female naturalist in next jeep - modestly priced given the circumstances.



Geneva, Switzerland

4 August 1993

Emmenthaler Hotel is very nice, cool, luxurious. Management cordial, but obliged to point out threat to delicate peace negotiations ongoing, parties unnamed. Bathrobes, white, fluffy, in lobby OK, but proper barrettage requested. Gift of management.



Chad, formerly Tchad

12 November 1993

Desert sandstorm resulted in emergency condition. Dinner reservations in jeopardy. This item purchased from Russian cabdriver - "They said they had roads here. Banditi!" Suspect Cuban manufacture.

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