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Walla Walla Vintners

03/23 - Walla Walla Wineries

We've been slow to update, but we have finally posted our notes on the most recent wine dinner at Bella Italia. Gordon Venneri from Walla Walla Vintners came by with some of his new 2003 (and 2002) wines, and Dave Senters cooked up a storm in the kitchens. For more, see our notes.

If you are curious, we also have our notes on the Buty and Five Star wine dinners online as well.

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A FishSome Nuts

03/23 - Fish and Nuts Recipe Generator

What a productive day. Here is our fish and nuts recipe generator. It's sort of approximate, but it's an easy recipe and it works with all sorts of ingredients. Hit the button a few time and see if you get any ideas.

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03/08 - Wildfire Wood Fired Cuisine

There is a new wood fired restaurant out in western Port Angeles, on 8th Street. We had been hearing rumors, and when the urge for pizza struck, we went and checked the place out. We were quite impressed. Wildfire is basically a wood fired, sit down restaurant, and a rather elegant looking place at that. The menu includes wood fire rotisserie prime rib, chicken, salmon and halibut, all simply prepared to make the most of their wood fired oven.

The pizzas were great. We tried two of them and they had the characteristic wood oven crust with that combination of chewiness, smokiness and crispness. The toppings were fresh and well chosen. Check out our review for more info.

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Stewing Hen Page

03/01 - Stewing Hen

We've mentioned Dry Creek Farms and there wonderful eggs on our website before. And, we've mentioned our recent acquisition of three of their hens in our column on Too Much Poultry.

You can think of this column as a follow up to our Too Much Poultry column. We were talking with Harley at the Port Angeles Farmers' Market the other day, and he mentioned that he had sold a good number of his hens. We were telling him how delicious they were, and he recounted that one of his customers had found the bird to be too tough.

"How did they cook it?", we asked.

"They roasted it.", he replied.

"Well that explains it. Old hens are stewing hens. You have to braise or stew them for hours to get them tender. We cooked one of ours in red wine and it was stupendous."

We promised to provide him with a recipe or two, and we've posted our favorite online. Check out our Stewing Hen page for a great coq au vin recipe, perfect for the chicken of a certain age.

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