Latinisms - Almost

Here are some useful Latin (almost) phrases with their translations. If you have had a proper education, most of them will be familiar, but some are more obscure than others.

De omnibus non est disputandum.
Don't get into a fight with the bus driver.
Nil memorandum.
No more memos, please.
Sic semper tyranosaurus (the Virginia state motto)
Thus always to giant lizards.
Omnia vincit amor.
Everyone loves a winner.
Carpe diem.
Complain about the day.
Et in Arcadia eggo.
There are frozen waffles, even in Arcadia.
Quo errat demonstrandum. (QED in mathematical proofs)
As has been erroneously demonstrated.
Cogito ergo sum.
I think it adds up.
In loco parentis.
To drive parents crazy.
Qui custodiet ipses custodes?
Who is watching the custards?
Pax in bello
Freedom from indigestion  (courtesy of Kathryn)
Phylum annelida
The family of pots without lids

Medical Terms, From the Latin

On a related note, here are two useful medical terms taken from the Latin which you might find useful:

Inability to hail a taxicab, as during rush hour or on rainy days.
Unable to taste thyme.
That overwhelming feeling you get from reading too many cards of questionable taste down at the Hallmark store.

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