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UPDATE 2005 - More updates. Check out Esca, Cru and the Kaleberg New York City Report.

UPDATE 2004 - Wow, we are finally updating a few reviews. We have made a number of trips to New York City, but it has been a while since we have updated our web site. A lot of old favorites are gone, but new stuff keeps coming in.

UPDATE October 2001 - We have just returned from our two weeks in the city and are working off the weight gain even as we speak. (Is it true that one burns 100 calories for each web page one writes?) For details, see our Patriotic Poundage Tour.

UPDATE September 2001 - Now is not the time to put off your trip to New York City. The city needs every one of us more than ever. Whether you have to fly across the country, like us Kalebergs, or just drive in from the suburbs, this is the time to show your faith in the American way and support a city that has become a symbol of a whole nation.

UPDATE May 2000 - This section covers mainly restaurants, but we are adding new stuff, including Places to Shop and Things to Do.

New York City is full of excellent restaurants. It is also full of dives and joints and when a food trend hits the city, it is often taken beyond any reasonable extreme. Unlike San Francisco, it takes a bit of brain work to get a great meal in New York. Luckily, the city is also full of food critics and you can count us in that cohort.

Kaleberg Reports

September 2005 Notes - More restaurants, barhi dates and great museums.
Patriotic Poundage Tour 2002 - The World Trade Center is gone, the Kalebergs are back.

May 1998 Notes - These include restaurants, food stores and attractions in the city..

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