Faicco's Pork Shop

Did you ever wonder where the old fashioned butchers went? Do you ever wonder why anyone ever considered pork fatty. Did you ever think Trent Lott is the other white meat? Well, ignore that last question, but drop into Faicco's on Bleecker Street for answers to the first two.

At Faicco's they actually cut up pigs to get you the cuts you want, so you can find exotica like pork butt, pork shoulder or even a leg of pork. They use good old fashioned pork with lots of fat in it, so you can use it to make pates and other goodies. There is none of this pork lite you get in supermarkets which you have to cook in olive oil to keep it from sticking to the pan. They are even making bacon like this, so just try and fry something in bacon fat.

We come here to get the pig skin we need for cassoulet along with other pork products. The place isn't fancy. It's just a butcher shop with some proper respect for the pig.

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