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12/27 - More Christmas

Here are a couple of our Christmas presents and a teaser.

This little fellow is right at home on our tree.

We finally found something to feed our tribble.

What's that on top of our tree? Stay tuned.

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12/23 - Christmas Cookie Tree

We are finally recovering from our 2014 Christmas Tree cookie party. Thanks to the efforts of our friends, our little tree was not unadorned. For us, it was easy. We just set out the gingerbread cookies, the dragee and the icing, and our friends set to work. By the time we were ready to light the candles, the tree was decorated and by some serious talent.

Thanks again everyone!

The cookie tree

From the side

Again from the front

A close up

Another close up

The tree looks pretty good in daylight too!

Another daytime view

One of our friends is a real architect.

We're not sure this one would meet code.

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12/14 - Christmas Party

We Kalebergs haven't quite reached peak Christmas yet. We're still mining the season, but we did have our annual grownups Christmas party. It's a choucroute year, but by the time the choucroute comes out of the oven, laden with smoked pork chops, sausages, duck breast, smoked pheasant, pork hocks, westphalian ham, potatoes, carrots, juniper berries and sauerkraut, everyone is hungry, so we didn't manage to take any pictures. Still, if you look closely, you can see our illuminated fruitcake, some half and half cookies, sweetmeats and candied grapefruit peel.

The spread

You can probably make out some of the goodies in this shot.

Our big tree and the fireplace mantle

The big tree

That's our new Christmas tree topper. It's wifi compatible and based on an Arduino Yun.

Our shaman transforming

The little tree waiting for the cookie tree party


The champagne forest

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12/11 - Christmas Firetruck

One of the great local customs in Port Angeles is the Christmas firetruck which visits every street in town. It's a vintage firetruck with lights, a tree, Santa and his helper elves giving out candy canes. We're always listening for the siren so we don't miss the truck.

Our neighbor's house - He's a gold star power company customer.

Our place - quiet elegance or maybe we're not as energetic

The firetruck


From the side


Until next Christmas season

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12/09 - More Seattle

Our trip to Seattle was brief, but we did manage to get around. Mainly, we did a lot of shopping. We also saw some sea lions in the harbor while waiting for the ferry to start.

Seattle has great winter light.

This is the view from the market, near Place Pigout.

Sea lions?

Someone doesn't mind the cold water.

The Seattle waterfront

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12/08 - Seattle - The Sheraton Cookie House Competition

Every December we try to get to the Sheraton to see the the wonderful seasonal gingerbread concoctions in their lobby. This year the entries were better than ever, and they really helped us get into the mood for Christmas.

This amusement park had a K'Nex roller coaster, as with so many of ours, out of order.

The tropical paradise was as wonderful underwater as above - note the dangling fish below.

This Seattle montage might have been our favorite.

That's Big Bertha emerging from its caverns below route 99.

That's Santa being pulled by a team of salmon.

This one is a traditional nativity scene, complete with the star and the manger.

Note which inn is out of room: The Westin.

We aren't too sure about this Aztec temple with its motto - "From the bottom of our hearts." Uhh, really. This is Christmas.

They did have some tired reindeer soaking their feet.

There was a great Christmas village.

We think that's either a happy Seahawk or a happy Seahawk fan.

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