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04/24 - Whiskey Bend Trilliums and Mushrooms

Whiskey Bend Road has been open most of the winter, but we hadn't taken its narrow, twisting four and a half miles since the fall. Well, the road is as narrow and twisting as ever, but spring is upon is. The trail is as lovely as ever, but now the mushrooms and trilliums are out. We only got as far as the cabin, but we'll get in shape as the season progresses and head farther.

Micheal's Cabin

Mushrooms erupting

Little mushrooms

Sponge like mushrooms

The view

A trillium

Little orchids

Wild vegetation

More trilliums

Yellow violets

A little stream

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04/22 - Lake AngelesTrilliums

It's definitely spring. The trilliums aren't as far advanced as at Lake Crescent, but they are coming out on the trail to Lake Angeles.

The trail - long time, no see

A trillium - It really is green here.

A trillium bud opening

Keywords: elwha, spring, trillium

04/18 - Trillium Season

It's spring. The trilliums are out at Lake Crescent and the Olympic golden salamanders are on the march. What more can we say?

A trillium

A salamander

Indian paintbrush

More trilliums

Another salamander

Keywords: lake crescent, salamander, spring, trillium

04/06 - Walla Walla WIneries

We visited a few wineries in Walla Walla, some new, but also a few old favorites. We dropped by Rulo and Reynvaan for an update, but we visited Maison Bleue for the first time. They make a very French styled wine, and we were quite impressed. We were also impressed with the decor, deep blue and with plenty of antlers. At Foundry, to be honest, we were most impressed by the art including some pieces by Maya Lin and bathymetric sculptures of the Black and Caspian seas.

Downtown Walla Walla

Maison Bleue, antlers included

The view from Rotie

The Foundry reflecting some amazing sky

The outdoor exhibit at the Foundry - Don't ask.

More amazing sky at Foundry

Walla Walla vintners, because we had to include at least one industrial shot

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04/05 - Walla Walla Skies

We were out in Walla Walla enjoying the skies. There's a lot of sky in Eastern Washington. We had clouds and some rain, but not very far away it was snowing in the Rocky Mountains.

Dramatic sky

More sky

Even more sky, but this time with grapes in the foreground so you can tell it's Walla Walla

Keywords: walla walla, atmosphere

04/03 - Signs of Spring

We stopped in Seattle on our way out to Walla Walla. Spring is well underway there. Here are some photos from Volunteer Park.

P.S. Did we mention that we used the Uber app to get a ride down from Volunteer Park? It worked surprisingly well. We had a car there in four minutes. The cab companies made no promises when they estimated 20-30 minutes. No wonder they're lobbying so hard.

Fruit trees in bloom

The forest and pool

Easter Bunny photo op

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