Australian Aboriginal Rock Art at El Questro

El Questro is a million acre cattle station in Western Australia which is now open as a privately run national park. It is located in the Kimberley, a wild region of dramatic rock formations, boab trees and ancient canyons. Accomodations range from simple campsites to a luxury resort and can be arranged by calling + 66 8 9169 1777 (08 9169 1777 in Australia).

In addition to the glorious natural scenery, the crocodiles (fresh and salt water), there is also a wealth of aboriginal rock art. Some of it is accessible by four wheel drive (during the dry season), some of it is reachable by electric boat, while some art is only reachable by arduous hiking or by helicopter.

Aboriginal Rock Art Sites

  • The Gallery (by helicopter)
  • Chamberlain Gorge (by electric boat)
  • Near the Road (by four wheel drive)

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