Olympic Peninsula circa 1930

I picked up this Olympic Peninsula tourism brochure from the 1930s at a Seattle bookstore. An awful lot seems familiar. There's Port Angeles and Forks and Sequim, and there's all the great scenery including Lakes Crescent and Quinault, the Hood Canal and the Ocean Beaches. If you are intrigued, check out our site on tourism on the peninsula or our book of hiking trails. The Olympic Peninsula is still a great place to visit some 80 years later.

One big change though is in transportation. Some of the high speed ferries shown are gone, though Black Ball Lines still runs its ferry from Port Angeles to Victoria. On the positive side, there is the Hood Canal Bridge, and that makes quite a difference if you are driving from Seattle. That new $10,000,000 highway mentioned is the venerable Route 101. It's been upgraded and repaved, but it's still the main drag out here on the Olympic Peninsula.