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01/31 - Clark Farms Beef at the Farmers' Market

We noticed a newcomer at the Port Angeles Farmers' Market this past Saturday, the Clark Farms beef people. They had a sign, some nice brochures and a big freezer pack full of beef. We had to try some, so we bought a pair of t-bone steaks, nicely packed and frozen. We put them to the test at Kaleberg Laboratories. That meant a session in the microwave for thawing, then heat processing in our broiler, not far from the electric coils. We applied hard infrared to push our sample to medium rare. That's a technical term.

Then came the actual testing. We applied our utensils, and transferred subsamples from plate to palate. The steaks were great, with a good, deep beefy flavor and a surprisingly tender texture. They weren't as fatty as Peter Luger's t-bone steaks, but they were better than the usual industrial beef by a long shot. Of course, these are just our preliminary Kaleberg results. We have a lot more testing to do, so we'll be looking for Clark Farms at next week's market.

The folks behind the beef

Our test sample

Their brochure

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01/29 - Our Measuring Log at Morse Creek Is Gone

The log we have been using for years to measure how high the waters are at Morse Creek has vanished. Presumably, it has been washed away. When the waters were high, they washed over the horizontal log; when they were low, they passed under it. Now the log is no more, so we'll have to guess. (For some pictures of the log in better days, click on the Morse Creek keyword below.)

It's gone!

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01/25 - Second Beach

There were some good tides at Second Beach, so we went for a walk. The driftwood wall has been rebuilding, but we still managed to clamber out to the beach. This time there was brilliant light and a faint haze.

More driftwood

Oooh, arty!

Lens flare - too much Star Trek: The Reboot

A wide, wet beach

More wide, wet beach

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01/22 - New Eggs at Good To Go

Good To Go now has eggs from Hole-In-The-Fence Farm. We don't know much about them, but they are a local product.

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01/21 - An Infestation of Ducks

As you can see, the dock at Lake Crescent Cottage has been infested by ducks.

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01/20 - It Was Fun While It Lasted

These are some photos from our last snowshoeing trip up to Hurricane Ridge. As you may know, Hurricane Ridge Road is closed until early March, so this may have been our last snowshoeing trip of the season. We suppose it is a rule of the high country, carpe diem - seize the day.

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01/15 - If The Creek Don't Rise ...

With the recent rain and warm weather it looks as if the creek has risen.

At Morse Creek, we use that almost horizontal branch on the left as our benchmark. The waters are usually a foot or so below its bottom, but with the recent rise it is well over the top.

On the Lake Angeles Trail, the little rivulets, often dry, that cross the path are full of water. Ennis Creek, the stream under the log bridge, was roaring.

The Dungeness River was in full fettle. The little side channel visible from the Dungeness Dike Trail, which is often empty in the summer, is a veritable torrent.

That's the view downstream from the railroad bridge.

There's lots of water under the bridge on the Lake Angeles Trail.

The Dungeness River is roaring as well.

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They're back!

01/13 - Dungeness Valley Swans

The swans have returned to Dungeness Valley. They seem to like the fields on either side of Towne Road. It's good to have them back.

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01/10 - The Winter Market

We missed the Korean garlic lady last week, but she was back again with her excellent garlic, scallions and Korean goodies including fish soup and kim chi pancakes. Korea gets pretty cold in the winter, so they have lots of good dishes for cold weather, and you can try some at the Port Angeles Farmers' Market.

Another newcomer was the Mystery Bay Oyster guy who sells oysters and clams with lots of garlic and butter. He's usually at the Port Townsend market, but they are closed right now, so he's offering his wares to us Port Angelenos. We had a plate of his oysters, and they were wonderful. We'll miss him when the PT market reopens.

The Korean garlic lady

The Mystery Bay Oyster guy

The Johnston Farm lady

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01/08 - The Driftwood Is Coming Back To Second Beach

The driftwood is coming back to Second Beach. If you click on the second beach keyword, you'll see that we last reported an almost complete lack of driftwood between the trailhead and the beach. In fact, you could just step down from the trail to the beach with no further ado, but now the driftwood is coming back. It's nothing like it was last summer where one had to clamber over log after log, but there is a nice collection of logs piling up.

The view from the trailhead


More pretty

The wild beach

Seastacks down near the cave

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01/07 - Christmas on the Lake Angeles Trail

It looks like the park elves were busy this Christmas on the Lake Angeles Trail. They decorated one of the trees - and there are lots of trees on the Lake Angeles Trail - just a bit before the little bridge. We often climb the Lake Angeles Trail this time of year, though not all the way to the lake, so it's nice to have a bit of Christmas spirit to break up the hard climb.
P.S. Some day we have to blog about our book of Christmas illuminations, A High Country Christmas.

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01/05 - The Empire State Building

The Empire State Building was the last of the great skyscrapers of the Roaring 20s, even though it wasn't finished until 1931. As the tallest building in New York City and having opened at the start of Great Depression, it was often known as the Empty State Building. Now, it is still a building of note, though it has long been in need of a new look.

Recently, Kaleberg Construction was offered the opportunity to rebuild this landmark using more modern materials and advanced construction techniques. In fact, we were presented with a solution to the ailing building's troubles in a simple kit form. Here follow the adventures and triumphs of Kaleberg Construction from unboxing to installation, and marvel in the rebirth of a classic, just in time for our great recession.

If you aren't sure of what a prolegomenon is, see a recent posting on the classic form.

The Erector Set Empire State Building as installed on site

The classic unboxing shot - the prolegomenon.

Top down construction technology is surprisingly effective.

Work in progress

Ready for installation

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01/03 - The Elwha River

We hiked out of Whiskey Bend down to the Elwha River, or rather, to just above the Elwha River, but low enough to get a good view of the flood plain. It was a wonderful green trail, and the Elwha River was wild and full. The winding road to the trailhead does get closed now and then, but it is open for most of the winter, and the Elwha River walks are beautiful this time of year.

On our way down to the river

The river

Our favorite overlook

Click for a bigger version of this panorama

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01/02 - Winter Market

Just because it is the middle of winter doesn't mean that the Port Angeles Farmers' Market is closed. It's open every Saturday from 10-2 at the Gateway Center, and the farmers are there including Westwind, Johnston and Nash Huber stands along with Tuna Dan, Bell Street Bakery and the guy with the mushrooms and seafood whose name we have forgotten. We bought a lovely piece of black cod from the guy whose name we forgot, so he is worth a trip to the market in his own right.

Johnston Farm

Westwind Farm

Nash Huber

Tuna Dan

Bell Street Bakery

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01/01 - Snowshoeing at Hurricane Ridge

Hurricane Ridge has been open for snowshoeing on its usual on and off schedule. We made it up there on Boxing Day, but we've been lazy about posting our photos. Our report:
  • The trail is great.
  • The scenery spectacular.
  • Come early or you might not get a parking spot.

Keywords: hurricane ridge, snowshoeing

01/01 - Blue Moon

This full moon we photographed on New Year's Eve is either a blue moon or the full moon after a blue moon. We aren't going to get into that argument. Instead, we are going to goggle in awe at the wonders of hand held photography. That's a pretty spectacular moon.

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