06/24/10 - Lake Crescent Cottage - Bathroom Update

We don't post a lot of Lake Crescent Cottage news here, but we remodeled the downstairs bathroom back in March and have spent the time since then figuring out how to take a proper picture. We tried a few different approaches, with clever camera angles and a wide angle lens, but were never really satisfied. Finally, we decided to try taking a panorama, a series of photographs and using Photoshop to combine them into a single image. We've taken panoramas before, but always in the wide open spaces like the top of Klahane Ridge or out at Obstruction Point so we could capture miles of mountains and glorious scenery in a single image. We don't want to deprecate our cottage bathroom, but we accept that it is of a much smaller scale. So, to make a long story short, or perhaps just to end a long story, here is our Lake Crescent Cottage bathroom panorama. As with our larger scale panoramas, this one looks even better in person.

Our final image

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05/23/10 - A Note On Lake Crescent Cottage

We've done some remodeling out at Lake Crescent Cottage. We redid the downstairs bathroom, and we put up a shed roof over the entrance. We told our contractor in the statement of work, "It must not look like a snout." We've seen ugly entryways that do look like snouts. This one does not.

It does not look like a snout.

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01/21/10 - An Infestation of Ducks

As you can see, the dock at Lake Crescent Cottage has been infested by ducks.

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07/23/09 - Guest Images

One of our guests at Lake Crescent Cottage did some photography during his stay. There are some fantastic photos you might want to take a look at:

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04/01/06 - Lake Crescent Opening Dates

The Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort has been open for a while now, but the two Lake Crescent resorts are still getting ready. We run Lake Crescent Cottage, a vacation rental on Lake Crescent, which is already open for the season, and some of our guests have been asking us about dining options in the area. So, for the information of our guests and anyone else browsing the web:

  • Lake Crescent Lodge - wonderful NW cuisine- Opens May 6th
  • Log Cabin Resort - breakfast, lunch, dinner, canoe rentals - Opens May 26th

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09/26/04 - Internet Access at Lake Crescent Cottage

Just a quick note. Lake Crescent Cottage now has broadband internet access thanks to a new satellite link. We'll be spending more time out there this autumn.

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06/09/04 - Snow Melted at Deer Lake

The snows have melted at Deer Lake, so we were up the trail to take a look. The weather was scattered showers, so the sky was a mix of gray and blue patches. It rained under the gray and it was warm and bright under the blue.

Since the sky was gray when we arrived, we stopped for a coffee at the Sol Duc Hot Springs resort. The pools were empty, and we were tempted to take a dip, but with the new whirlpool bath at Lake Crescent Cottage, we decided that we had mountains to climb instead.

We headed down from the Sol Duc trailhead parking lot and passed by the falls. The Sol Duc falls were spectacular. There was a lot of water blasting through the rocks by the bridge, but we still had mountains to climb. 
Mist at Deer Lake

The trail was usual stony self. The air was heavy and misty, so it was hard going. The trail was wet, but not impassable. We had to stop on the bridge to marvel at the waterfall. There was a lot of Pacific dogwood in flower for the first half of the trail, and a lot of glacier lilies as we got higher.

As for the lake itself, it was by turns brilliant and misty as you can see in our photo. The water was clear and fresh, and the snow seems to have melted all around the lake. You can see the snow above, and we hear that the Potholes are still in deep snow only a few hundred feet above.

For more on this great trail, click here.

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05/10/04 - Lake Crescent Cottage Update

We have updated our Lake Crescent Cottage website. The remodeling is moving along, and so is our website.

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