Lake Crescent Lodge

Lake Crescent Lodge

360 928 3211 x17

416 Lake Crescent Road

Lake Crescent Lodge

We finally got to Lake Crescent Lodge for dinner, and we liked it. We really liked it. It has some of the most sophisticated cooking on the North Olympic Peninsula. The smoked salmon purses were divine, and we had never eaten such richly flavored, well cooked elk steaks. The rest of the menu looked wonderful, and we have promised to return and try some more of their wonderful Northwestern cooking.

As for the setting, you cannot do better. The Lodge is near where Barnes Creek feeds into Lake Crescent and has a view north of the lake and Pyramid Peak. The Lodge is a la WPA, with wood and stone, and a lot of charm. Book early, and ask for a six o'clock seating if you want to sit right at the window. The Lodge is only opened for the summer season, so we'll have to plan our return trip soon, or wait for next year.

REVIEWED: 10 August 2005

UPDATE 18 August 2008 - We haven't been to the Lodge in a while, but we have heard that the chef who was cooking back in 2005 is gone so our review may be out of date. ALSO The Lodge is no longer taking dinner reservations, so plan accordingly if you want to dine there.

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