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04/30 - Our Remote Control K'Nex Lamp

Our Original K'Nex Lamp now has a friend. We've added a Remote Control K'Nex Lamp using the guts from one of K'Nex's remote control dragsters. It not only illuminates, it is interactive. K'Nex building sets are a lot like Tinkertoys in that they let you build spatially with rods and connectors. The rods are in lengths which are multiples of the powers of two; the connectors provide up to eight connections in an octagonal configuration.  It is probably a simple exercise in Galois Field Theory to determine whether any arbitrary form is K'Nex constructable. (If you haven't taken Modern Algebra, ignore that sentence).

Keywords: k'nex, science

04/27 - Barbara Teufert and Her Ceramics

We'd like to introduce you to one of our local area artists, Barbara Teufert, who works in clay and with natural forms - The Art of Barbara Teufert. This is her internet debut, at least according to the more popular search engines, so you may be the first to see her fantastic castle, her take on the great stone circles, and a work best described as a collaboration with the natural forms of the North Olympic Peninsula.

Keywords: art

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