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Apples 2005

09/21 - Feral Green Monsters

It's apple picking time in Kaleberg Kountry again, so we checked out our favorite abandoned orchard and there they were. Last year, they were feral green monsters. This year, they had a nice red blush on them, but they were as tart and tasty as ever. No more supermarket woolens for us.

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09/20 - Extreme New York

New York City may be a summer festival, but we Kalebergs tend to melt in the sun. The summer is not our season, but thanks to our high tech Cool Vests, and despite the collapse of the St. Regis Hotel, we managed a great trip and found a great new restaurant, Esca, walked everywhere, and enjoyed two great museum exhibits. We also tried some barhi dates (see below). To find out more, read The Kaleberg Report.

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Fresh Dates

09/17 - Fresh Bahri Dates

We happened to be in New York City when the fresh Barhi dates arrived. They had them on the stalk at the counter at Kalustyan's, so we had to try some. The fresh dates (on the left) are sweet with a strong tart note, and even a bit of astringency, but if you let them sit for a week or so, they ripen (on the right) and are amazingly sweet and tender. Most dates sold in this country are dried out versions of the ones on the right, so this was a real treat.
Ripe Dates

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Lake Crescent Lodge

09/14 - Lake Crescent Lodge and Sabai Thai

Well, it's about time. We're back from New York City, so it's time to post a couple of reviews from August. Go figure. We finally checked out Lake Crescent Lodge, and we were impressed.

We also checked out Sabai Thai. We had tasted some of Victor's cooking before, at a friend's house, but his restaurant is really impressive. Who ever thought of Thai cooking with great Northwestern ingredients? It really works.
Sabai Thai

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The Original Spacewar Article

09/01 - The Original Spacewar - The Saga Article

Computer games seem to have been around forever, but back in the 1970s, they were still in the future, at least for most of us. We were big Spacewar fans back in 1972 and 1973, when you had to sneak in at night to use the old PDP-9 at CIPG. Of course, the grand-daddy Spacewar ran on the PDP-1X, and it was in Saga magazine, back in November 1972 that the original article describing the game was published. Nope, it wasn't the CACM that announced the birth of a billion dollar industry, it was a much saavier publication. If you've ever wondered how all those space aliens got into your computer, here is the dirt.

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