Sabai Thai

Sabai Thai

(360) 452-4505

903 W 8th Street

Sabai Thai Restaurant

The best Thai meal we had ever eaten was under the 90th Street station of the number seven Flushing Line in Queens. We are fortunate to have a restaurant almost of that calibre in Port Angeles. Like most cuisines, Thai cooking reuses a number of elements: lime, coconut milk, coriander, and all too many chefs simply dump on the usual suspects, often smothering the good ingredients. Sabai Thai is in balance.

We tried out the specials. This included some magnificent local white king salmon, something not found in most Bangkok kitchens, and we were impressed with the way the coconut and lime notes supported, rather than suppressed, the richness and rich flavor of the fish. White king is an oily, but subtle fish, and we usually just pan sear it and cook it in its own fat, but the folks at Sabai Thai figured out how to keep the salmon Northwestern, while making the dish distinctly and crisply Thai.

We also had the prawns and pad thai. One cannot judge a Thai restaurant without tasting this classic noodle dish. Once again, the verdict was balance and brightness. The spicing worked with the ingredients, rather than fighting them. The textures were wonderful, bespeaking good timing in the kitchen. Our only regret was the heartiness of the dishes, or we would have tried more.

Sabai Thai is on 8th Street, right next to Wildfire, and this seems to be an up and coming dining area in Port Angeles. Based on our experience with Sabai Thai, we'll have to keep our eyes open the next time we drive out to Port Angeles Millworks.

REVIEWED: 31 August 2005

UPDATE: 30 August 2006 - Sabai Thai is now opening at 4PM every day, which is great for hungry hikers like us. The food is better than ever, with good pad thai, and great local halibu in green curry. The crispy duck with bok choy was wonderful, and even the leftovers were crisp. The spicy squid in red curry with vegetables was just what the doctor ordered for our summer colds. Sabai Thai is a definite Kaleberg home town favorite.

We should also mention that there is a nice selection of wine and beer to accompany your meal.

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