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09/15 - Kalebergs' North Olympic Peninsula

We have put together a full color, 48 page book covering thirteen of our favorite day hikes in Olympic National Park. It is based on our web site, but it includes over 150 pictures of the area as well as our own maps and practical hiking advice. You can use it as a planning guide, a vacation tool, or a souvenir. It is available for $13.99 at They are a one-off web based printing and publishing outfit, so they'll print you a copy to order, or you can download the rather large PDF and print your own.

Whether you buy the book or not, do check out our descriptions of our favorite hikes. You can start at the Kalebergs' North Olympic Peninsula book page or North Olympic Peninsula map page and explore from there.

Thirteen day hikesi n Olympic National Park

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09/14 - Goan Spiced Shrimp With Summer Vegetables

We are making the most of the late season romano beans, and we've been craving spices as of late. In fact, we've been craving the spices of Goa, much as the Portuguese were when they took over the place over 400 years ago. So, we made up some white shrimp with Goan spices and romano beans, and we threw in some New Zealand spinach as well. For our recipe, and the results, click here.

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09/06 - Obstruction Point Update

We know that we have mentioned this before, but this time we have a proper photograph of the posted notice warning drivers about marmot invasions of their engine compartments. If the image below is too small, click on it for a larger version. This notice is on the outhouse door at Obstruction Point. Obstruction Point is a great high country hike. We should also note that the outhouse is a great outhouse. The park service has been replacing the old, stinky, rickety outhouses at various trailheads with new, well built, not all that smelly outhouses. So far, they seem to be holding up nicely both in terms of structure and scent.

While the high country is already in late autumn, having raced through its summer, the road is still open, and the trail is still wonderful as you can see in our sampling of photos. We particularly like the fall foliage along this trail. Some of it turns bright red, as you can see to the right. Sometimes the views are so beautiful, it is hard to remember that what one is seeing is real.

Marmot Alert Notice

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