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12/26 - The Elwha River and a Bobcat

Like many, we have been waiting for Olympic Hot Springs Road to reopen so we can return to the trails out of Whiskey Bend and revisit the hot springs themselves. To see how things were going, we parked at the Madison Falls parking lot and walked along the road, now closed to motorized traffic. The river was winter beautiful with snow on the hills and a cold gray light. The new temporary one lane bridge is in place and a fair bit of work has been done on the road.

We had some wonderful views of the river itself, but then, on our way back, we saw something else, a bobcat in the open field not far from the parking lot. We had seen a bobcat here before, but only briefly as it bounded away in the distance. This bobcat was closer and calmer. We were barely 50 feet away, close enough for an excellent view. It was a real treat in the face of a snowy winter and with so many trails closed in the park.

The Elwha River

Another view of the river

The river and snowy mountains

Across the river

The new bridge

Yet another view of the Elwha

Across the bridge

Through the woods

The bobcat

A closer view

And an even closer view

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12/22 - Rialto Beach Monochrome

We took a short journey out to Rialto Beach on a gray drizzly day. The winter light was fantastic, almost unreal. The sea was wild and open. The sky was full of clouds. We didn't get all that far in the wind and spray, but it was a wonderful walk.

Driftwood and seastacks

Gray water

More driftwood

Another view of the water

Sea stacks

A view south

The Pacific Ocean, not very pacific

Another almost monochrome view

Water into the ocean

Another view south


Keywords: rialto beach, winter

12/18 - Barnes Creek - Ice and Snow

We've had a bit of snow lately, so we went for a walk in the woods. We took the Barnes Creek trail, but we didn't make it to Marymere Falls. The footbridge was just too icy for us. Still, it was worth the walk. The snow fall in the forest was beautiful.

The path through the woods

Barnes Creek

The footbridge - too icy for us

A river view

Snow in the woods

More snow

More woods (with snow)

An icy scene


The forest floor

The icy river again

Keywords: barnes creek

12/14 - Christmas at the Kalebergs

We've got both trees up and decorated. The little tree, the one with the candles is decorated with gingerbread cookies lovingly decorated by our friends who are by far more talented than we are. We provide the cookies and the colored ices, but our friends provide the love and imagination. Every year we hold our cookie party, and our table is surrounded by careful artisans decorating cookies, pausing only for a sip or two of champagne. When the sky darkens, we light the candles and celebrate the start of winter and the coming end of the year.

The cookie tree illuminated

The big tree

Some cookies

More cookies

Even more cookies

Did we mention cookies?

It's a beautiful tree.

Keywords: christmas

12/12 - Swans on Towne Road

The swans were back on Towne Road, or rather, on one of the fields next to Towne Road in Sequim. We had to stop and take a good look. They are one of the great pleasures of the winter season.

From a distance


A veritable plethora of them

It's sort of a rest stop for them.

More swans

Keywords: birds, winter

12/10 - Lake Angeles Trail in the Snow

We took advantage of the early snow to check out our snowshoes on the Lake Angeles Trail. We only climbed about 500' or so, but others had made it to the lake. They just wore hiking shoes. No snowshoes for them. It may be a while before we make it back up to the lake again, but as far as we are concerned, the trail is a winter wonderland.

Snow and forest

Winter forest

More winter forest

Another bit of winter


Winter wonderland

More magical winter forest

Keywords: lake angeles, winter

12/09 - Christmas Fire Truck - Operation Candy Cane

Guess who's coming to town? It's the Port Angeles Operation Candy Cane Christmas Fire Truck. It definitely brightened up our evening.

Coming ...

Still coming ...

He's almost here!

Until next year ...

Keywords: christmas, port angeles

12/07 - Christmas Conservatory

Every Christmas we try to check out the seasonal display at the Volunteer Park Conservatory. Sometimes they are closed for remodeling or the like, but this time they were open, and the train was running. We admired the orchids and carnivorous plants as we always do, but particularly enjoyed the charming Christmas village. Then, we warmed up with the cactus.

Still in Seattle

Christmas railroad

Santa's chair

Poinsettias and nutcrackers

Christmas village

Christmas tree stand

More of the village

We almost missed the Christmas raccoons.

Cactus, perfect for the winter season

Keywords: christmas

12/03 - Christmas in Seattle - Part 2

Here is some more Harry Potter in gingerbread and some more Seattle street scenes around Christmas. We are definitely getting into the spirit of things.

Dumbledore & Fawkes

A gingerbread street scene

Magic in action

We love the little details.

Another closeup

Seattle streets

Another street scene

More Christmas magic

The big tree

Macy's star

Another Seattle street

Keywords: christmas, seattle

12/02 - Christmas in Seattle - Part 1

We are just back from a few days exploring Seattle. We love the city around Christmas. It really makes us appreciate short nights and electric lighting. We watched the sunset, then we set forth for the Sheraton lobby where we admired this year's gingerbread competition. This year each confection was based on one of the original Harry Potter books, so we had a fine time exploring Hogwart's and reuniting with the old gang.

The sunset starts

The sunset continues

The city after dark

Hogwart's in gingerbread

Another Christmas scene

Rowling really did capture the magic of Christmas.

It looks good enough to eat.

More magic

Is that the goblet of fire?

An old friend down in front

Another confection

Keywords: christmas, seattle

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