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09/30 - High Country - High Vistas

We made a late season trip out to Obstruction Point. We got an early start to avoid the crowds and enjoy the low sunlight and its long deep shadows.

Mount Olympus

Blue grouse

Another grouse

View from the staircase

The trail

Another top of the world stretch

Lakes below

Another late season lake

A bit of lingering snow

A hillside in the morning light

It's hard to get contrast like this.

More morning light

High country trail

The ridge beyond

Mount Olympus again

Rocky ground - look up friable

Mount Baker, a distant ghost mountain

The ridge as seen elsewhere

Another grouse or perhaps one of the same

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09/29 - High Country - Autumn Color

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Gold and red

More autumn color

A view across the river valley

The trail

Another bit of color

Red foliage around a lake below

Did we mention autumn color?

Red and green, a bit early for Christmas

The trail through red and green

Those two colors again with rocks for white balance

Another bit of trail

Autumn colors set ablaze by morning light

More intense color

Calmer colors

The Plains of Mars

Color by the trailside

Golden grasses

More red

More lakeside color

Keywords: autumn, obstruction point

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