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06/24/10 - Lake Crescent Cottage - Bathroom Update

We don't post a lot of Lake Crescent Cottage news here, but we remodeled the downstairs bathroom back in March and have spent the time since then figuring out how to take a proper picture. We tried a few different approaches, with clever camera angles and a wide angle lens, but were never really satisfied. Finally, we decided to try taking a panorama, a series of photographs and using Photoshop to combine them into a single image. We've taken panoramas before, but always in the wide open spaces like the top of Klahane Ridge or out at Obstruction Point so we could capture miles of mountains and glorious scenery in a single image. We don't want to deprecate our cottage bathroom, but we accept that it is of a much smaller scale. So, to make a long story short, or perhaps just to end a long story, here is our Lake Crescent Cottage bathroom panorama. As with our larger scale panoramas, this one looks even better in person.

Our final image

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