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03/28/09 - Elwha Update

We drove up the winding road behind the Elwha Ranger Station to Whiskey Bend. The road is in as good shape as ever given that it is a narrow, winding, unpaved road. The first thing we noticed at the trailhead were the new kiosks telling a bit more about the trail. There were also a couple of young deer who had survived the winter and were now stuffing it in. The trail itself was beautiful and seemed to be a bit more open, if only because the deciduous trees were still without leaves. The streams were full of water now that the snow has melted. We didn't get quite as far as we had hoped, so we'll have to come back soon and try again.

We never get tired of this view.

The new kiosks

The trail to summer

Two survivors

A fork in the trail

One of the little streams

Our leaf friends were here

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