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07/26/18 - Klahane Ridge Again

We climbed Klahane Ridge again, once again rising early and getting to the trailhead while the shadows were still long and the day still cool. We made it to the ridge, and then headed on to the kick-in-the-ass. That's what one energetic hiker called the section of the trail down to Lake Angeles that actually takes one high along the ridge into a series of alpine gardens with fantastic views north and south.

On our way back, someone mentioned seeing mountain goats. We had missed them. As we neared the ridge junction, there was a patch of snow in the bowl to the north. There they were, an entire herd of goats. We had noticed the patch of snow and what appeared to be rough patches where the snow had piled up. Those were the goats! This time we paid attention, and there they were.

Early morning shadows

Early morning view

More morning light

A section of trail

Cow parsnip and larkspur (or perhaps lupines)

The goats in the distance

A closeup for the goats

Wandering goats

Morning light and shadow

Another fine view

One of the alpine garden "rooms"

More alpine gardens

Still some melting snow

Another garden scene

Yet another

And another - This is one of our favorite parts of the hike when we have the strength to get there.

Still shadows on our way down

Descending trail

Another view of the trail

Keywords: klahane ridge, mountain goats