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07/18/18 - Lake Angeles

To our own surprise, we made it up to Lake Angeles on our first try. Usually, this is our training hike. We make it first to the stream, maybe 720 feet, then up to 1000 or 1500, and then, maybe, we make it to the lake, a climb of over 2400 feet. This year, getting to the trailhead has been a problem with twenty minute road construction delays, each way.

We did it anyway. We started early to avoid the backup at the park entry gate just after the trailhead turnoff. Then we climbed, and climbed and climbed. It's a beautiful trail and a good hard work out. It passes through shaded forest with limited undergrowth, but now and then the light cuts through and highlights something wonderful.

The lake was as we remembered it, placid in its bowl of high stone walls. It was too cool to contemplate swimming, so we admired the lake, its island and the setting while we rested. We had made it all the way up to the lake, and on our first try of the season.

The lake in its bowl of mountains


Shooting stars

The trail

A trillium


Pacific dogwood

The stream

We're not sure what these are, but they're pretty.

Another view of the lake

A tempting view of the lake

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