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07/06/23 - Second Beach Tide Pool Report

We went to Second Beach at a recent extreme low tide. The sun was bright, but the air was misty down by the cold sea. We hiked out to the seastack that is only reachable during very low tides and we explored and explored. We also hiked down to the south end of the beach and explored some more.

We took so many pictures, we had to break this into two posts. This section focuses more on the tide pools and the amazing return of the starfish. The other section focuses on the sea, sand, seastacks and spray.

Sea life

Star fish, anemones and more

We never expected to see so many starfish.

A little tidepool full of anemones

More anemones and a starfish refuge

Another starfish

A look out to sea, mist and blue sky

Another starfish refuge

And more

And even more

There were starfish waiting out the tide everywhere we looked.

Another tidepool

The sea

Towards the south end of the sea

More starfish

A study in contrast

Still sea mist

There's a whole world up there.

A look north

Out at sea

A broad, flat beach

Those researchers from another view