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06/22/23 - Little River Trail

With the Hurricane Ridge Road still closed, we took a hike along the Little River Trail. It was our usual hike to the second log bridge. It's another summer hike with the trees full of leaves and the vegetation lush. It always gets better when the trail leaves DNR land and enters the national park. That's shortly before the trail descends to the river which was flowing nicely this time of year.

Early on the trail, in DNR land

Our first Pacific dogwood

The little bridge


More dogwood

Close up Pacific dogwood

Even more

The Little River

A log over the river

False Solomon's seal, past bloom

Light and dark

Rough stone

One of the log bridges

Blue water

Another look at the Little River

The river IS one of the highlights of this trail.

Looking down at the river

Lush green forest

A piece of the trail

Devil's claw

A caterpillar - We saw a fair number of these.

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