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07/07/23 - Second Beach, Low Tide, Ocean Mist

We went to Second Beach at a recent extreme low tide. The sun was bright, but the air was misty down by the cold sea. We hiked out to the seastack that is only reachable during very low tides and we explored and explored. We also hiked down to the south end of the beach and explored some more.

We took so many pictures, we had to break this into two posts. This section focuses on the sea, sand, seastacks and spray. The other section focused more on the tide pools and the amazing return of the starfish.

The hike from the parking lot to the sea

A seastack with the wrong camera settings

Another seastack with the wrong camera settings

A seastack with the camera in the proper mode

The seastack cave

Extreme low tide

More seastacks and the Pacific Ocean

Sea mist offshore

Another look out to sea

Blue ocean

From a distance

Pigeon guillemots on a rock

We'll have to look these up

Beach mist

The tide is out

Green haze at the south end of the beach

More green haze

More seastacks and low tide

More on that theme


A group of researchers studying the beach at various distances

Return through green forest

More of the hike back

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