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12/19/19 - Rira Waterfall - Part Two

We descended some more. We could hear the waterfall before we saw it. The air was moist and the foliage lush. We approached the pool and admired the waterfall for a bit. It wasn't Victoria Falls, but it was a pleasant sight to see. In the northern part of Ethiopia, some hermit would have set up his digs beneath it and started carving what would become a hermitage and then, centuries later, a church, shrine or monastery. As pretty as the site was, we weren't tempted.

Then we headed up a bit to see a smaller waterfall above this one. It was worth a bit more exploring. Then we retraced our steps, down to the lower waterfall, then up all the steps, through the forest, across the pasture and finally back towards the road where our driver was waiting for us. First, however, we had to check out a bunch of baboons who had come out to say goodbye. It was our last day in the Ethiopian country side. The next day we were heading back to Addis Ababa and then on to Frankfurt, Vancouver and finally Port Angeles.

Down towards the waterfall

More steps

The waterfall

Another view

As we started to climb

The stream

The upper waterfall

Another look

Downstream again

Interesting vegetation


Farther back along the trail

A small creek

A small bridge

Forest and pasture

Back to the woven bamboo fences

Goodbye baboons

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