<< Rira Waterfall - Part Two

12/20/19 - Rira Waterfall - Part One

We were tired on the last day of our stay at Bale Mountain Lodge, but we had to get out and see more. There was a waterfall trail in Rira, the village not far from the lodge, so we headed off to the trailhead by the road. We passed through pastureland with woven bamboo fences and across green grass dotted with boulders and trees. The air was much thicker than up on the Sanetti Plateau and the foliage lusher.

The trail sloped gently downwards, and we entered the forest. There were orchids blooming at the side of the trail. Down we went, then the trail became steeper. There were staircases to descend.

Morning at the lodge


Woven bamboo fence

Pasture and fences

Green country

Green boulders

More trail scenery

Green country

Gray sky on a misty day

The forest thickens

Possibly a coffee tree or some relative

More forest

At our feet

An orchid

More orchids

The trail continues

Blue orchids?

Another orchid

A stairway

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