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12/18/19 - Up to the Sanetti Plateau

We had crossed the Sanetti Plateau on our way to Bale Mountain Lodge. At over 13,000 feet, it had seemed like another world. Now, we were going to return and explore some more. We headed back through Rira and climbed over a mile to the plateau. It had been sunny at the lodge, but it was cloudy as we began to wander among the scrub plants, mainly ghostly artemesia, that covered the broad open plain. There was always something fascinating and beautiful to see whether it was some detail at our feet or the broad vista around us. We stopped at the shores of the alpine lakes that dotted the plain. It was exhiliarating.

It was sunny at the lodge.

Kale for sale in Rira

Gnarled trees along the road up to the plateau

Did we mention the great cell coverage?

Mists, mountains and the plain

Ghostly ground cover


A detail at our feet

Another detail

Rocks and knolls

Across the plain we wandered.

Another detail, someone's home?

Ghostly shrubs

Color in the scene

An alpine lake

One of the birds

More details

More color

Even more detail

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