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12/17/19 - Sanetti Plateau to Gobe

One of our missions was to replace our spare tire. We needed a new one, and the nearest service station was in Gobe, just north of the plateau. We took a nice long walk in the high country, then we headed down into town to eat lunch while our driver and guide wrangled a spare tire. There's nothing like the AAA in this part of Ethiopia.

Gobe was a busy town full of small shops selling everything. There were dress shops, furniture stores, cell phone stores, food stalls, restaurants, banks and the like. We could see signs of progress with electric power and satellite dishses, but it will be a while before the chain stores move in.

A lobelia

An alpine lake


Field of rocks

Misty vista

Heading down towards Gobe

A volcano to the north

Pastoral fields

It looks makeshift, but there is electricity.

Under construction

Another bit of Gobe

Many little stores

More of the main shopping street

A mosque in town

Ready for business

Alternate transportation

A restaurant

A gateway

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