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12/11/19 - Caught in the Rain

We weren't all that far from the lodge. We were maybe 15 or 20 minutes out when the sky darkened further. Then, the heavens opened. We were officially in the dry season, but that's climate. Climate is what one expects. Weather is what one gets. We got weather, heavy rain.

We made our way as briskly as we could back to the lodge. The paddock was waterlogged. Our raincoats kept the upper part of our bodies dry, but our hats were dripping sponges and our pants quickly soaked through. We were a soggy mess back at the lodge. Now, however, we could congratulate ourselves on our good sense in not heading out farther. We could only imagine getting caught in that rain and having another hour ahead of us.

Just before the rain

An old tree

Rain coming in

Rain starting to fall

The soggy paddock

Perturbed warthogs

Running for shelter?

Rainy field, rainy sky

Sunset that evening, all dry

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