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12/10/19 - Leaving Webb Camp

Our last morning at Webb Camp was as frosty and cold as the one before. The ground was covered with frosts. The spiders cowered, we presume, in their spider holes waiting for their webs to defrost. We could see sunlight falling on distant mountains, but our camp remained in shadow.

By the time we finished breakfast, the team had taken down the cook tent, and the dining tent vanished shortly after we finished eating. We packed our belongings, and our sleeping tent was disassembled shortly after. The tent, awning and even the toilet were gone. Everything was squeezed into the truck. We, our guide, our driver and one of the other workers squeezed into our jeep for the ride to Dinsho.

Near Dinsho, we stopped at a wildlife refuge where we saw nyala, and other now familiar creatures. We were much lower and already warmer.

Good morning, frost!

Distant sun

More distant sun


Another frozen spider web

The falls in shadow

Moving light

The sun approaches

More frost and shadow


Saying good bye to the warthogs

A nyala at the refuge

Another nyala

There were lots of them.

One of the interesting trees.

One of the interesting plants, perhaps nyala-proof

Scenery at the refuge

Another nyala

En route

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