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12/12/19 - A Short Afternoon Walk

That afternoon, probably powered by caffeine, we went for a walk right from our lodge. We followed the trail one might take climbing that distinctive peak visible in so many of our photos. We had no illusions. That climb was way beyond us, but we wanted to explore.

We crossed the stream that provided us with electrical power then walked past the horses in the paddock and the local warthogs and headed into the forest. There were old gnarled trees, a colobus monkey and groves of bamboo. We avoided the stinging trees and made our way along until the trail began to ascend in earnest.

We knew better than to continue. We more or less retraced our steps, heading back down to the lodge. Meanwhile the skies darkened.

Cloudier in the afternoon

Our landmark

Across the fields


Warthog at peace, probably eating something

Another bird

Fascinating tree

Typical bit of trail

Blue flower

More of the trail

Another fascinating tree

More trail

Bamboo grove

Tall tree

We watched the canopy

We spotted a colobus monkey

A rather poor photograph of a colubus monkey not being cooperative

Field in the forest

More forest

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