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11/02/15 - Marymere Falls and Barnes Creek

With all the rain, we had to get out and see Marymere Falls. We were pleased to see the falls were in full rush and Barnes Creek running wild and rapid. We couldn't walk the full loop to the two falls overlooks. The lower approach has been damaged, so we went to the upper overlook first. There was a branch down there blocking a lot of the view, so we walked down the steps to the lower overlook and really enjoyed the view down there.

OUR ADVICE: If you do go to Marymere Falls and are disappointed by the blocked view at the upper overlook, head down the steps for a better look.

After visiting the falls we wandered up Barnes Creek a bit and enjoyed the water in full rush, surrounded by ferns and mossy trees. There was a bit of fog, so the hills above and more distant views were shrouded and hazy. It was a perfect northwestern forest experience.

Fog shrouded forest

The occluded view of the falls from the upper overlook

The view from the lower overlook

The damaged section of the approach to the lower overlook

Barnes Creek, white water

More Barnes Creek

The trail again

More mystery trees

Another view of Barnes Creek

Another mysterious tree

A recently fallen tree across the creek

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