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09/21/14 - The Taronga Zoo

Whenever we are in Sydney, we make a point of getting to the Taronga Zoo. We take the ferry from The Quay and then get ready for spotting wildlife in Australia. This means the usual wombats, bandicoots and koalas, but also getting used to spotting Australian critters in the wild. They are redoing the Australian section of the zoo, but the exhibits of birds, the nocturnal animal house and the platypus aquarium were all open. It takes a while for one's eye to get used to spotting the various birds hidden in bushes and behind grasses. We didn't even try to take any pictures of them. They never come out. The nocturnal animals are even more of a challenge, as the exhibit hall is dark. After a bit, we got used to it, so we saw a number of animals, and to our surprise, photos weren't too bad. The platypus was a real treat. It had caught and was eating a yabee, a sort of miniature lobster.

The view from the Taronga ferry.

The zoo entrance

One of the many koalas

Another koala


These two mouse like creatures were the first we managed to spot in the dark. The photo is surprisingly good considering that no flash was allowed.

This is an echidna, covered with feather quill spines.

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