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09/20/14 - Bondi Beach

So, where are we? If you guessed Vancouver, you were right, but we're in Sydney now, in New South Wales, not the one outside of Victoria.

We've already been to the Sydney Aquarium and taken a long walk from Bondi Beach south to Coogee. Bondi is Sydney's famous surfing beach. The water was wild, and the waves were high, but, no, we didn't do any surfing. We left that to others who have some slight clue about the surfer's art. We did follow the trail along the beach, up along the bluffs, then down to another beach, then up, then down and so on. Parts of the route reminded us of West Seattle, some Honolulu, some Santa Monica, and some the Monterey waterfront trail.

It was a beautiful walk. We didn't have to get wet to enjoy it, though in some places the water was tempting. Especially tempting were the wild, sea water swimming pools along the way. These are swimming pools built low, so they are flooded by the surf at high tide, so one gets the benefits of fresh salt water, but one is protected from the surf.

Bondi Beach, the quintessential beach town

A wild sea water pool

Another wild beach below a wild bluff

Surf's up!


More wild beach, this one a bit like Monterey

Bluffs - That's the Waverly cemetery above

A more protected beach

Coogee, our final beach

One of the many birds

End of our journey

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