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09/23/14 - Welcome to Kangaroo Island

We made it to Kangaroo Island. The next thing south is the Antarctic. We're staying at an amazing hotel built into the cliff side. The chef is a genius. They have to truck in electricity, and we don't want to even imagine where they get the water for our rain showers.

FIrst thing, we took the cliff side hikes east and west of the hotel. The scenery is exotic. The shrubs are gum trees of various sizes. The flowers are in wild bloom.

We took the Kangaroo and Canapes tour. It's less formally known as Booze and Roos. We took a shuttle bus to a field not far from the hotel. It was once a farm, cleared from the brush, but now home to enough kangaroos to launch a Volkswagen to the moon by sheer hopping power. The grass is cut as short as a golf green's, and the ground is covered with kangaroo by-product, but the kangaroos are calm even as we approach them.

That was just our first day.

A view from near our hotel

That's where we are staying, or at least part of it.

Flowers - It's spring down here.

Another view

The view west

Another view from the cliffs

Here's where we went to watch kangaroos.

Can you guess what we saw on Kangaroo Island?

The sunset scene

More roos

Sunset light, and, oh yes, kangaroos

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