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10/20/10 - New Bridge at Barnes Creek

If you've been to Marymere Falls lately, you'll remember that the foot bridge over Barnes Creek was starting to go. The log itself was twisting and the surface matting, necessary for traction, rusting away.

Well, that old bridge is gone, and a new metal truss bridge now spans Barnes Creek. It is quite a change from the old one. The walk from the parking area to Marymere Falls always reminds of Adventure Land. There's the tunnel under the road, the forest full of great trees, the little beach by the river side, a bridge over the creek and another with a view of the falls, then the crazy twisting pathway up among the tree roots to the falls themselves. It's not a particularly long walk, but there's a lot of outdoorsy stuff packed into it.

The new bridge and its proud construction team.

The bridge as seen from the little beach

Tree roots holding up the mountainside

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