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01/12/08 - Seattle: More Kaleberg Reviews

We have lately been amazed at Seattle as an great food town. Restaurants have been opening at a good clip, and our list of places we just have to try keeps growing longer. We took advantage of the holiday season, and some Kenmore Airline flight discounts to get into town and try out a few new restaurants.

We've posted FIVE new reviews, and that took some serious eating. Three of these are in Pikes' Place Market, which is just riddled with dining options, so it was high time we checked a few of them out. Which was our favorite? It might have been Quinn's. After all, we are suckers for meat, but Matt's and Chez Shea are up there as well.

Chez Shea - a romantic and elegant restaurant with romantic and elegant food in Pikes' Place Market

The Local Vine - a stylish champagne joint in fashionable Belltown

Matt's in the Market - the classic hole in the wall is worth looking for, even if they've remodeled

Quinn's Pub - more than a neighbor hood eatery, a true meat city

Steelhead Diner - a promising contender, a tribute to the 1980s

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