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06/11/24 - Hurricane Hill - To The Summit

We really enjoyed our return to the high country last week. We had to head back up to Hurricane Ridge again. This time, the road to the Hurricane Hill trailhead was open. Even the bathrooms at the picnic areas were open. The closest parking lot was full, so we parked at the next closest, so we had a ten minute walk to the actual trailhead.

The views were as spectacular as ever. Even more flowers were in bloom with a lot more phlox, glacier and avalanche lilies, some lupines and many others. We were horribly out of shape, so we made numerous stops once we got past the saddle and started the steeper part of the climb. It was exhausting, but we were rewarded with incredible views, even more flowers and a number of marmots.

A typical view

More view with wildflowers and mountains

More mountains

And even more

A marmot

Phlox in the right foreground

Only a few patches of snow left

The cirque as seen from the summit, already showing some blue

That's blue snow melt

Pask flowers

More flowers

Another marmot

A publicity shy marmot

Another, or possibly the same, publicity shy marmot

A more cooperative marmot - The presss thanks you.

A marmot in context

Glacier lilies

Avalanche lilies

More avalanche lilies


The green glow on the old stump

A rock garden

Paintbrush and friends

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