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05/14/21 - Mad Dash to Garberville

We had hiked enough. We were exhausted. We had a long drive from Orick to Sonoma the next day. We knew it was going to be a long drive, so we were dreading it. We decided to grasp the nettle and leave a bit early and stop somewhere along the route south. We had leftovers in our cold chest and fuel in our tank.

We headed south on 101 with a detour through part of the Avenue of the Giants. The giants in that name were more redwoods, and this stretch of highway was lined with them. Instead of shoulders, there were redwoods. This was not a highway built for speed, so we slowed down and enjoyed our last sojourn in a redwood forest.

We stopped in Garberville which made us feel naked arriving by car rather than motorcycle and lacking a leather jacket and a guitar. The photo of the view from our room is a cheap shot. The hotel was clean, quiet and well air conditioned. The beds were comfortable. In fact, we had our best night of sleep for the entire trip, all twelve hours of it. We recommend the Best Western Plus in Garberville highly, and it is probably even better if you arrive on a motorcycle wearing a leather jacket and carrying a guitar.

The Avenue of the Giants

More giants

Wow, even more giants

Those giants are huge!

The view from our extremely comfortable room, courtesy of Google Maps

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