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05/13/21 - Lady Bird Johnson Grove and Trinidad Head

We were tired from our hike the previous day, but we headed out anyway. First, we explored Lady Bird Johnson Grove, a short trail in the hills not far from house. Again, there were amazing redwoods all around us. It was an easy trail, but we could feel it. Still, the beauty of the forest pulled us on.

Then, we headed down to the town of Trinidad on the coast and hiked the Trinidad Head Loop. This started right in town, but we quickly ascended and entered a garden maze of high bushes and thick foliage. The trail climbed, and we felt we were alone on the trail as it twisted and followed the terrain. Here and there, we had views of the sea, the beach near town and the coastline.

We considered trying yet another hiking trail. The redwoods are full of trails, and there are other trails along the sea and around the various coastal lagoons. There were even trails that led from the coast to the higher forests or the other way around. We didn't try any of them. We were plumb tuckered out.

The forest floor

One of the many redwoods, a truly massive tree

Another redwood

More of the charms of the forest

Yet another redwood: Lady Bird Johnson would have been smiling.

The redwood forest

More of the undergrowth

A view from Trinidad head

A view from higher up

Like a garden maze

A fascinating trail

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