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12/08/19 - Welcome to Bale Mountain Lodge

Bale Mountain Lodge is just south of Rira. We were welcomed by colobus monkeys in the trees and baboons by the side of the road, but we pressed on. We had been sleeping on cots in a tent and were looking forward to such luxuries as real beds, real walls, hot showers and indoor lighting instead of solar powered lamps.

The lodge did not disappoint. We had a comfortable room near the main lodge buildings and made the most of the facilities as soon as we arrived. If nothing else, one could open a suitcase - including our recovered friend - and organize our belongings. We handed in a bag of dirty clothes to be laundered to the lodge. Then we settled in and admired the view.

The lodge had its own hydro-electric plant. It was rated at 25 kilowatts. We were grateful. Our e-readers were grateful. We recharged our battery packs just in case. There was lots of hot water. After Webb Camp, 20 liters (about 5 gallons) was a lot. We were back in civilization, or at least an outpost of it.

Greeted by baboons


Our view

The main lodge as seen from our room


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