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12/07/19 - Webb Camp - Day Two - Part One

If anything, it was colder the second morning. There was frost everywhere. Even the spider webs were frozen. Having two hot water bottles instead of just one helped, but late night visits to our outdoor bathroom were challenging and not just because the wash water had frozen again. (We should put in a good word for Purrell here.) Once again, we staggered out of our tent and made our way to the dining tent for coffee and breakfast, and once again we watched the mountain shadow creep across the plain before reaching our living quarters.

The coffee in Ethiopia was wonderful, and not just because it was something warm to drink at a frozen campsite. All of the coffee in Ethiopia was excellent, even the darker roasts. This is not surprising, since Ethiopia is where coffee was discovered and, so, Ethiopians have had longer to figure out how to brew it than anyone else. They do a magnificent job.

A dark and frozen campsite

Frozen plants

Our campsite - Notice the light on the clouds. The sun is shining somewhere.

The waterfall in shadow - You can see a touch of sun on the mountains at the right edge of the picture.

Another view of our frozen campsite

A glimpse of sunlight

The sun approaches across the plain

The shadow

The sun almost at the falls

A frozen spider web

Another frozen spider web

Frozen ground and approaching sun

Our camp still in shadow

A visitor who dropped by during breakfast

A passerby in the distance

The moon with its terminator almost horizontal

Sun has reached our tent - The frost is melting.

A chat, one of the many small birds about

The falls in sunlight - at last

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