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12/03/19 - Webb Camp - Day One - Part One

We woke up early at Webb Camp. It was definitely the luxury camping experience. We each had a cot with a proper mattress, clean sheets, wool blankets and a heavy futon like blanket that was probably six inches thick. They even threw in a hot water bottle. We needed all of them, the hot water bottle included, and it was so cold that we asked for two hot water bottles the next night.

We had our own private bathroom out behind the tent. This included a siphon flush toilet - just add water - and an outdoor shower. There was also a bowl and pitcher of water for washing up. That was frozen over by morning. We were at over 12,000 feet above sea level, and it was cold out. The tent was around freezing in the morning and the camp was set up facing west. That meant that the sun wasn't going to reach us until it had risen over the hills surrounding the east side of the camp.

We settled in for breakfast and watched the sun rise, the shadow of the mountains sweeping across the plain to our west. It was dark and cold, but there was a brazier in the dining tent, hot coffee and a hot breakfast. We had a view of the waterfall, Fincha Habera. We watched as the shadow crept closer and closer to us. Eventually, it lit up the falls. By the time breakfast was over the sun had reached our tent. The frost on the tent was was melting.

We went out for a walk. We descended to the base of the waterfall, crossed a stream and headed south. We left the protected river canyon and were soon heading across the plain with its scrub vegetation and distant mountains.

Our camp in early morning shadow

The waterfall in shadow

A broader view

The sun rises

The sun on the distant mountains

The waterfall in sunlight

A warthog

White collar dove

The Webb or Web or Weyib River

The plains

Life on the rocks

River valley


Geese and goslings

More river and mountains

Plant life

Wide open space

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