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12/02/19 - Webb Camp - Day One - Part Two

We kept our eyes open for wildlife, but there was lots to see right at our feet and off in the far distance. For example, there were spider webs over holes in the ground. Those holes were made by grass rats and turned into excellent traps for eight legged predators.

There were also red wolves. We only saw them in the distance. They were beautiful creatures. They mainly hunted smaller animals, like those incredibly useful grass rats and elusive giant mole rats. The wolves didn't bother the cattle who were grazing on the plains. In fact, we were told they use the cattle like stalking horses to hide their scent and lull their prey into a false sense of security.

We spent hours walking across the plain, now and then climbing up to a rise, then down into a valley. Then we saw a distinctive silhouette in the rocks above. It was a nyala, an antelope, and we were to see many more of them.

Hiking the plains

A spider web

Another web

A red wolf, the smaller animal, not the cow

Another red wolf

Natural rock art

Plains and canyons

Plant life

More plant life

Shrubs and flowers

Another close up

Yet another red wolf

That red wolf again

An eagle

At our feet

A distinctive silhouette

A nyala

Another glimpse of the river

Another view across the plain

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